Qualia with over 20 years of wellness experience Sn. Mahir Gündüz was established under his leadership. The mission of our brand is to be the leading representative of the sector in the world. Qualia produces services in the fields of Turkish bath, Spa & Wellness, Fitness, beauty and care, designed with contemporary touches in harmony with the spirit of the place where the name Qualia lives. Qualia, which provides professional management services for venues with its experienced staff, fully meets the perfected product, service and personnel needs for all its branches with its rational and experience-based investments.

Our Vision

Qualia's primary goal is to create flawless experiences for all guests who receive services under its roof. Qualia, which provides in-house training to its professional staff, aims to provide guests with a quality and peaceful experience where they add value to themselves by focusing on impeccable service.

Qualia aims to be the only center that comes to mind when it comes to sports, health, massage, relaxation and beauty with a pioneering perspective in the sector.

Spa & Wellness

With our Qualia Zen brand, we provide spa & wellness services with our expert therapists who prefer to work with us from all over the world. Our Qualia brand, which we created with the aim of offering a unique experience with our expert therapists who have experienced the power of touch both scientifically and spiritually, continues its services as a stronger structure day by day. Aiming to achieve perfection, Qualia continues to strengthen its position in the sector day by day by winning the World Luxury Awards in 2022.

Turkish Bath

With our Qualia Turca brand, we reinterpret the tradition of hammam, one of the most important values of Turkish and Anatolian culture, with a modern touch, without disturbing its texture and ritual, and offer it to our guests. We create unique experiences for our guests with traditional hammam rituals, bachelor parties for individual and large-scale use, ship baths, menus and lounges specially prepared for celebrations and other special occasions.


With our Qualia Gym brand, we aim to ensure that our guests enjoy their workouts and perfect their experiences with our staff who have completed their professional training in our branches and our service understanding integrated with the latest technology.

Qualia creates pleasant environments where fun meets sports for its valued guests with many patented group exercises.


Under the Qualia Beauty brand, we aim to create unforgettable experiences with our globally recognized and preferred products and produce unique services in our venues with our expert staff.

Experienced Qualia Beauty beauticians aim to ensure our guests have a pleasant and healthy day by offering personalized treatments.


In order to become a facility that constantly focuses on sincerity in its communication and relationships, it must constantly renew itself.


Aiming to be the first brand that comes to mind when it comes to Spa, Wellness, Fittness, Hammam and beauty, Qualia has crowned its service quality with the 2022 World Luxury Spa Awards. Qualia aims to standardize quality in all its services. Our brand, which uses organic and world-renowned branded products in all the products used in the venues, aims to offer unique experiences to its guests.


The experience we have gained through the services we have been providing in the field of SPA and Wellness since 2009 and our philosophy of life, which we have developed with our belief in the power of touch, form the basis of our quality. With our expert therapists who have experienced the power of touch both scientifically and spiritually, we aim to deliver our energy to all our guests and offer a unique experience.

Our Awards & Achievements

2022 World Luxury Spa Awards prize

With more than 20 years of spa experience, thousands of happy customers and hundreds of staff we have gained together, we are always working for the better.

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